Please use code tags

When you ask for help on a forum, it can be helpful to include the output of the computer’s response to what you’re doing. Copying and pasting of terminal output often works better than including a screenshot. On a system running Ubuntu, highlighting the text you wish to copy, using Ctrl+c to copy the text from the terminal output, and using Ctrl+v to paste it into your forum post will normally work. Please remember to have[CODE] at the start, and [/CODE] at the end. This does not necessarily mean that you are posting “code” or “codes” – it’s a preference that seasoned forum users have, as it usually preserves formatting better than using [QUOTE] and [/QUOTE]. Remember to disguise email and IP addresses.


Duplicate posts

From time to time, Ubuntu Forums gets rather busy, and it seems like it’s not actually saving posts. Please be patient. and check that your post has actually taken before clicking on the “Submit Post” button a second time – use a new browser window if necessary. You can check which of your posts are visible by clicking on the Quick Links drop-down menu, then clicking on “Find all my posts.”

Religious references

The forums in which I participate include representatives of a variety of communities of faith. It is extremely easy to get into pointless arguments about finer points of doctrine that contribute nothing to the support requests that form the backbone of what the forum is there for. It is also very easy to cause offence.

If you must stand by what you believe, it’s a good idea to be sensitive to any rules that those who run the forum have put in place, otherwise you run the risk of being banned. It might be necessary to quietly take your thoughts to an alternative venue for discussion. If you identify as “Christian” you might well  to apply the principle underlying Romans 13:1 – in short, work within the rules, and not contrary to them.