About Lisati

The nickname Lisati is a badly transliterated version of my real name, Richard, into the Samoan language.

I have been a member of the Ubuntu Forums since June, 2007, where, at the time of preparing this information page, I have moderator responsibilities.

I live in Porirua, New Zealand, and am of Dutch and British heritage. I have been married to a locally produced Samoan woman, a Pastor’s kid, since 1992. Although we have no children of our own, we have been known to look after number of cats over the years. To those of you who don’t like cats and think they’re a waste of money, I suggest you read Proverbs 12:10.

Be warned: if you send me spam of any form, whether by email, via PM, or by any other method, I am likely to have a few words to say or even publicize your details.