My ISP seems to be having a hard time understanding why I’m complaining to them that their spam filter is allowing spam into my inbox but blocking my efforts to report it to places like Spamcop and New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs. They also seem to be having a hard time accepting that I am unable to forward copies of legitimate email that has been rejected by their spam filter – I don’t have copies of email that never arrived. My sister and I have pretty much given up trying to communicate by email – she’s a customer of the same provider, and, like me, has discovered that family chit-chat is also being blocked for allegedly being spam.

I am thankful the amount of unwanted emails coming my way has dropped significantly in recent months. I am also thankful that I still have ways of forwarding samples of what I receive to interested parties without resorting to major technical trickery or serious deviousness. I have noticed on the provider’s Facbook page that other customers are being bothered by significantly more spam than myself.

One way of reporting spam when your provider blocks the outgoing spam reports is to have multiple accounts with multiple providers loaded up into your email software, and to send the reports from an account where outgoing reports aren’t blocked, this is easily done with Thunderbird. (Don’t ask me how to do it with the Outlook email client – I haven’t used it regularly for several years.)

Further reading can be found on another blog here: voogdnz.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/what-is-spam/ – while you’re there, you might want to do keyword searches for Spark and SMX.