Dear Brother Catch Spammers,

This was sent to one of my honeypot addresses, and originally posted here by mistake. The joys of running honenypots, spam traps, and multiple blogs! It’s fairly typical of the nonsense that comes my way.

From: elena baltach <> (a repeat offender)


Dear Brother Catch Spammers,

Greeting in the Name of God my dear brother and you are welcome for
the humanitarian works project, I want you to follow up with the
necessary instructions here below by contacting my lawyer
Mr. Richard Menseh to enable him give you the contact of the bank
for the fund transfer into your account without any delay.

That is why you must work dearly with Mr Richard Menseh. Do not let
anybody to be involve in this matter so that they will not corrupt
your good intentions.

You should contact my barr Mr Richard menseh through this email
the nurse taking care of me will
print it for me.

May the Good God continue to help and guide you with wisdom that
trancend all understanding.
May Fire of revival continue to burn in your life.

1. Your full name:
2. Address/ Home or Office:
3. Your Private Email:
4. Occupation:
5. Marital status:
6. Nationality:
7. Age
8. Current Telephone/Fax Number.

My good brother you can call Richard Menseh on this His private
telephone number +228 93 54 50 63  for more detail or any where you
needs my urgent attention in regards to this very transactions okay.

I hope everything is well understood now?

I await for your immediate anticipations response as soon as possible.

Best Regards
Mrs Elena

Malware and other nonsense.

I sometimes receive unwanted email via the email address associated with my forum account, usually with a forged “From:” address. Please don’t do this, it wastes my time. It aso confuses my email provider no end when I ask them about why malware and other such rubbish is allowed in by their spam filter, but blocked by their outgoing filters when I try to report it. They usually reply with some comment about using the “report spam” button, which they don’t currently provide on their webmail. When I was running my own email server a few years ago, it wasn’t that difficult to implement the same checks for malware and spam for both incoming and outgoing email.

Donations to help replace the dilapidated old hardware I used to use for my server would be welcome, so I can more easily set up my own email system with own rules that I can customize to my own liking.

Preferred email address

If you need to contact me, please use the contact form associated with this blog, or use the contact details on my profile at the Ubuntu Forums.

I’m not about to publicize my email address here, it is likely to become a spam magnet. I’d feel a lot better if the idiots and rogues helped me to keep things organized by sending something to one of my SpamTrap email addresses.