Command line and code.

I’m old school and believe that what you type in at the command prompt isn’t necessarily a code, but is nearly always consists of one or more commands (which is why the command line, sometimes referred to as “terminal”, is called the command line). It might seem like some kind of secret code to someone who doesn’t understand what it does, but the intent is to command the computer to do something. What I type might sometimes include codes, but it’s still a command. I might enclose it in “code tags” when sharing it on a forum, but that has more to do with formatting than what it is.

Religious references

The forums in which I participate include representatives of a variety of communities of faith. It is extremely easy to get into pointless arguments about finer points of doctrine that contribute nothing to the support requests that form the backbone of what the forum is there for. It is also very easy to cause offence.

If you must stand by what you believe, it’s a good idea to be sensitive to any rules that those who run the forum have put in place, otherwise you run the risk of being banned. It might be necessary to quietly take your thoughts to an alternative venue for discussion. If you identify as “Christian” you might well  to apply the principle underlying Romans 13:1 – in short, work within the rules, and not contrary to them.

Ubuntu Forums

  • The mods and admins at Ubuntu Forums are all volunteers. They do not own the forum or have access to the hardware. Canonical owns the hardware and relevant infrastructure.
  • If you have a beef with the actions of one of the forum staff, feel free to politely state your case in a thread in the Resolution Centre.
  • If you are experiencing problems using the forum, the place to visit is Forum Feedback and Help.
  • To alert the forum staff to a post that you think needs their attention, use the “Report Post” button.
  • Avoid making support requests via Private Messages.
  • The forum has a set of rules, to which you will need to agree before signing up.